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Opening Hours

The Café is open School Term Time only

At the following times:

Monday 8am–3.30pm

Tuesday 8am–3.30pm

Wednesday 8am–3.30pm

Thursday 8am–3.30pm

Friday 8am–3.30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Please note our Café is open term time only

Term Dates for 2022 - 2023

Term 1

Start: Monday 5th September 2022

Finish: Friday 21st October 2022

Term 2

Start: Tuesday 1st November 2022

Finish: Friday 16th December 2022

Term 3

Start: Wednesday 4th January 2023

Finish: Friday 10th February 2023

Term 4

Start: Monday 20th February 2023

Finish: Friday 31st March 2023

Term 5

Start: Tuesday 18th April 2023

Finish: Friday 26th May 2023

Term 6

Start: Monday 5th June 2023

Finish: Friday 21st July 2023