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Maths & Numeracy

At Three Ways School we believe that all pupils can become mathematicians! Mathematical and numeracy skills are an essential part of learning as they provide all pupils with ways to explore, investigate and understand the world around them. Maths supports the development of problem solving and decision-making skills which are integrated through the whole curriculum.


The roots of maths that underpin all our mathematical learning are:

• Core knowledge including internal senses, object perception, spatial perception, number sense and social reaction, and

• Learning to learn including communication, thinking, attention, motor skills and sensory inputand processing.

We teach maths and numeracy at Three Ways School at a level that is appropriate to the learning styles, needs and motivation of each pupil using a Mastery approach. This might involve discrete daily maths lessons following the National curriculum or be part of a cross curricular, thematic approach to teaching and learning for pupils who have more profound and complex learning difficulties.

We teach maths skills through all learning situations and many opportunities are made to ensure that the pupils use their skills in practical situations such as cooking, shopping and ‘Travel Training’.

In Key Stage 4 some pupils follow a Nationally recognised accredited course of study and occasionally individual pupils may study for a GCSE.

We use Power Maths to support our Mastery Maths approach to ensure there is clear progression and sequential learning. Alongside this we use Times Table Rockstars, Numicon and Number Bin interventions to help improve the numeracy of our pupils.