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About Us

Brighter Futures is the trading and outreach arm of Three Ways School, providing easy access to high quality, specialist services so that children and young people can achieve and thrive.

Aims of Brighter Futures:

  • To enable children and young people to thrive by building the capacity of the adults around them to support the best possible outcomes at school and at home
  • To provide children, families and schools with easy and flexible access to a team of specialist practitioners to enable early identification of need and to model effective interventions
  • To provide high quality support for children and young people who have additional needs including a range of complex special educational needs
  • To build and sustain partnerships to support an integrated community-wide approach to emotional, social, mental health and behavioural support across BANES
  • To create access to specialist practitioners at Three Ways School for learners in mainstream settings

Our services include:

  • Nurture Outreach Service
  • Educational Psychology Service
  • Adoption Support Services
  • Emotional and social assessments, advice and interventions
  • Therapeutic assessments and interventions including Art, Play, Dance/Movement and Drama Therapy
  • Special Educational Needs consultancy & assessment
  • Consultancy on behaviour, inclusion, disability access, child development, social and emotional needs and mental well-being
  • School based training on attachment, nurture and Thrive
  • Accredited Thrive Training
  • Mindfulness courses for staff, parents, carers and volunteers
  • Relax Kids courses for children

Where we work:

Brighter Futures work across Bath & North East Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol and Somerset.