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School Curriculum

The curriculum at Three Ways School takes account of the differing abilities and experiences of our pupils and will provide an education appropriate to individual needs. It will give pupils the opportunity to develop and learn within a supportive atmosphere and foster positive attitudes to learning that lead to success and achievement.

The curriculum at Three Ways School will promote the spiritual, intellectual, personal, social and physical development of all our pupils. It consists of the National Curriculum, Personal, Social, Health and Moral Education and Religious Education as well as cross curricular themes and key skills. PSHE and Citizenship is seen as a core subject for our pupils. Extra curricular activities also form an important part of the curriculum.

Three Ways School provides all pupils with the opportunity to achieve their potential within a supportive atmosphere and through personalised learning. Development of positive attitudes to learning will lead to success and achievement. Education is a life long process and developing the key skills for all our pupils will enable pupils to continue to access learning opportunities. The 6th form Centre will prepare pupils effectively for adult life.

Please see our policy page for our Curriculum Policy.

The Three Ways Curriculum will:-

• deliver the National Curriculum offering a broad and balanced curriculum at a level appropriate to pupil attainment

• provide stimulating activities and tasks

• set challenging, achievable targets for individual pupils

• develop effective communication skills

• develop IT skills in order to engage pupils in the advancing world of technology e.g. iPad use

• encourage the tolerance of opinions and beliefs and reflect the multicultural nature of society

• develop self confidence and skills towards independent living

• encourage a caring, respectful attitude towards each other within the community

• ensure continuity and progression

• help pupils develop lively enquiring minds

• enable access for all pupils

• use extra curricular activities to enhance the education offered to pupils

engage professionals within the community, including sports coaches, artists, musicians etc