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Shout Out

Shout Out! Off the Record’s children’s Rights and Advocacy Service.

Advocacy for children and young people with disabilities.
Shout out! is a free and independent service run by Off the Record. We are not part of social services, school or health services. We put the voice of children and young people first and help them to express their thoughts, wishes and feelings, in whatever way that might be possible. If there is something they want to say, or something they want to start, stop or change, then we can support them.
We can make sure that children and young people are listened to, feel empowered and involved in decisions about their lives.
Young people have used the service to give their views about: changing schools, friendships, respite care, individual support, being independent, further education and jobs, buddying, PA’s and transport issues as well as other things.
Every child and young person can express their views so we also offer non-instructed advocacy for those who don’t use traditional forms of communication such as speech, symbols or signing. If you would like to know more please get in touch.
Advocacy for year 11 transition reviews.
Shout Out! now also offers support to young people with SEND for their year 11 transition reviews. The Advocate can help with options and choices for the future looking at education/employment/training, independent living, good health and community participation or anything else that’s important to them for their future.

You can contact us any time for more information.

Phone: 01225 312481


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