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Moderation Arrangements

Pupil progress is closely monitored at Three Ways School so that we can provide the best possible opportunities and highest levels of support for all children. Pupil progress will be reviewed by Heads of Departments and subsequent staff meetings led by a Middle/Senior leader with a specialism/expertise in this area to discuss moderation and courses/curriculum updates required. During these meetings, the progress of the all children is discussed by referring to teacher knowledge and by looking at data that has been collected over the period that a child has been at the school. Points for action are made and specific areas of support are identified.

Pupils requiring extra intervention/strategies/multi-agency referral and support will be added to their class teachers monitoring list. These interventions/referrals/changes of delivery will be monitored at the next meeting to ensure the expected impact. Teaching Assistants will be asked for feedback by class teachers to add to these meetings. This process allows us to track these children more closely, with a specific focus on the impact of the intervention that they are receiving.

Monitoring and review

Our Data Lead Paul Gaskell and Data Manager Ali Filer work alongside Department Leaders Paul Gaskell, Lucy Heaton and Stephanie Harper and subject leaders to ensure class-based monitoring is robust. Subject Leaders are responsible for monitoring the implementation of this policy for their subject and offering feedback on changes needed to ensure continuity and high standards of delivery.


All subject leaders maintain a portfolio in their subject area – this can be a file or an online portfolio. Professional dialogue is key during this process so Subject Leaders discuss the work done by pupils in different class group and with differing needs, so that they have a common understanding of the expectations in each subject. By doing this we ensure that we make consistent judgements about standards in the school.


Three Ways

school uses School-Level and Pupil-Level data to benchmark performance, this is
done in the following ways.

Pupil Level

Data from
moderation sessions as well as information gathered from Data Meetings will
support planning for improvement at pupil, class and whole school level.

Pupil Work

Inter-school moderation of pupil work will ensure all teachers are
assessing pupils work uniformly in school.

Intra-School moderation of pupil work with other special schools
and working groups will ensure teachers assess pupil work uniformly across
schools with similar characteristics to Three Ways School.

As a School
we have also set a progress data benchmark which we feel will ensure
appropriate challenge and high expectations in terms of the progress made by
pupils working within the personalised learning routes identified.

Level Data:

Department Heads/Deputy Head/Headteacher will review Plans for
Learning post evaluation by class teachers to ensure parity of approach and
standard and to review personalised pupil progress.