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Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. It enables personal expression, reflection and emotional development.

As an integral part of culture, both past and present, it helps pupils understand themselves and relate to others; this forges important links between the home, school and the wider world.

The teaching of music develops pupils’ ability to listen and appreciate a wide variety of musical genres. It allows exploration and engagement with making and exploring music to enhance non-verbal communication and interactions.


Our Music Curriculum encourages active involvement in different forms of music making, both individual and communal, which assists in developing a sense of group identity and togetherness. At Three Ways School we strive to develop pupils’ creativity and emotional literacy through music which in turn can support their transitions and emotional well-being. We also aim to develop individual skills as well as group social skills, including listening, understanding, and tolerating others, utilizing musical technology, composing and performing.

Three Ways School offers a range of ensembles including a school choir, specific singing and performance assemblies, musical lunch clubs, and a school orchestra. We also have visiting professional musicians running sessions from organisations such as Live Music Now. Where possible, pupil visits to live music concerts out of school are encouraged as these are extremely beneficial and will help to develop an interest and enjoyment of live music amongst all pupils. Within school we have many opportunities for pupil performances through assemblies, general class performances and our annual whole school Talent Show.

At Three Ways School we use the National Curriculum Standards as well as the Equals schemes of work (My creativity) as a basis for music planning. We also use the Three Ways School Curriculum and schemes work which are tailor made for the abilities and needs of our pupils which were informed by the National Curriculum, Music Express, Bsquared Progression and Engagement Steps and the Equals schemes of work.

We also offer accreditations which currently include music and performing arts modules within the OCR Life and Living skills Entry Level programme in the secondary department as well as AQA modules in our 6th form. We are also able to offer GCSEs for those who it may be appropriate for.