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Drama enables our pupils to develop their skill and confidence as actors across their learning pathway: from early ritualistic games (such as peek a boo, look out behind you!) to play sequences within role play and the exploration of social experience.

Structured learning in drama contains planned moments for creative contribution together with clear boundaries and a predictable framework. In this way, everyone can learn the language of drama whilst doing it.


Working creatively across the curriculum, drama enables engagement, shared experience and reflection. From illuminating a key historical event to practising a life skill, pupils make and share in drama work in order to explore and comprehend their world. Drama can take pupils into the past and the future beyond the here-and-now, to consider what might have been or could be.

Some pupils work towards an Arts Award qualification. This programme of work enables pupils to explore all creative arts, develop important life skills and extend knowledge and skill through classroom learning, visits to art venues and visitingpractitioners.

Our assemblies, productions, lunch clubs and involvement within community projects enable pupils to express their ideas and experiences through a multi-sensory approach.